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dynacraft golf reviews

I called the day after Christmas and have been still, in February, getting the run around from them. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dynacraft Lie Fitting Board at Amazon.com. Shipment takes between 2-4 days. To that end, I’ve modified the way points are calculated for SpecCheck, and applied those changes to the Dynacraft review. A fun and addictive game for all! This piece of equipment is designed to provide truly accurate calculations of loft angle, lie angle, face angle, face progression, and hosel offset of clubheads. Maybe will cost me $0.50 or so. I still wonder–and don’t really know–whether your penalty scale is linear or more severe. (Used now for the last year). Best Selling. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. MGS…. Kinda cheap but that’s what you’ll probably pay. The sharp-looking, all black, Ping i3 makes an electrifying sound at impact that pleases the… Dynacraft Jackaroo Fairway Woods - Golf Club Reviews. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Unsubscribe easily. Dynacraft 431-S 3-PW Iron Set + Dunlop Putter / RH / Regular Steel / dw4102. But hopefully Dynacraft will get a second look because the Prophet Tour Irons are awesome. Dunlop Linear Force Fairway Wood - Golf Club Reviews. I go back a long way with the DynaCraft product (used them for Senior Tour Qualifier) great stuff. Representative was very rude/disrespectful. Fortunately, it was for a non-essential part (front wheel well). 216,75 € Tous les nouveaux produits . Incidentally, the 4 iron from the same set measured a hair under 24.5 degrees (within our tolerances). Sale! See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. It’s a point we’re inclined to agree with. Go to next slide - Shop by Golf Club Type. For now, here’s the snippet that deals with our tolerances: MyGolfSpy understands that in most cases industry-wide and individual manufacturer tolerances are less strict than our own. I’ve been checking these out the past month or so. Well going to Golfworks school and coming out of that experience is great although you absolutely do not have to measure golf clubs with Club Gauge to be very close to accurate. I’m sure all of us know that there are component clones and “knockoffs”. They refuse to replace the item and want me to take apart the motor and battery and try to fix it myself!!! Used for increasing swingweight. Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Low Odor formula is much safer than store-bought solvents and emits no fumes. By far, the vast majority of drivers sold today measure at the maximum allowable size (460cc) under the Rules of Golf. All The Best. I purchased the Tony Hawk Dynacraft bike in August. 107 Pine St … Some day we may measure bounce and offset, but we’re not there yet. Of course this never happens in the Auto Industry, oops!!! Something you would buy at Walmart. la tête en acier forgé apporte un excellent touché pour un maximum de contrôle. While I’d never dream of telling you that looks don’t matter (nobody wants to play with an ugly club), but performance is where the rubber meets the road, or at least where the steel meets the surlyn. $31.95. Before I address my second point, I’d like to commend you for mentioning the fact that there are some quality component clubheads and finished clubs on the market that deserve consideration by golfers of all abilities. @ Tom – as was already stated, we’re fully aware that our tolerances are tighter than the industry at large. Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron Components Our Price: $12.95 each The Dynacraft Prophet CB Irons are all about enhancing distance and performance, featuring Flexface, a thin, special vacuum heat treated high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face with variable thickness to push high coefficient of … In this respect, even though our own tolerances are tighter, the standard is applied equally. Thanks Roy I really do appreciate you taking time to give our review process a compliment. Great review. From a consumer perspective, it’s safe to say that we’d sent the head back. Dynacraft Reviews. To specifically address the “3 degree issue” with the 3 iron from the Prophet Tour set we tested – I personally measured the club 3 times (re-clamping each time). It was delivered two weeks late. All Rights Reserved. A full overview of our new testing procedures will be posted soon, and rest assured future reviews will be much more data intensive. Very poor product. Here is where you can buy complete assembled Dynacraft golf clubs. The Dynacraft Prophet CB iron is all about enhancing distance and performance featuring Flexface; a thin, special vacuum heat treated high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face with variable thickness to push high COR to its maximum limit. Also, I have some old Dynacraft wedges (a 55 and a 60 with little bounce, which I like a lot) — same outfit? There isn’t a fair comparison to be drawn between the Golfworks machines, and the Mitchell, which is likely why they recommend you purchase one of their gauges as well. They asked for receipt and serial number and video and said they would replace what was wrong, which I gave them, then 2 more weeks go by and somebody else writes to go on their site to register for the extended warranty. Service representative said there's nothing they can do about it. I have always assumed MGS has quality controlled their equipment periodically – as everyone should – to ensure that from one week/ month/ year to the next the equipment is giving the same reading as it was previously and have no doubts their processes are second to none. 3 Review(s) Dynacraft Prophet MB Muscle Blade Irons $38.95. Dynacraft is based in Port Wentworth, Georgia and has its distribution center located there as well. I was surprised they were not double checked as well…although they were unfortunately the first ones to go through this new review system. Also find the most popular golf gear. 50% more dense than lead powder and much safer to handle. Dynacraft BSC, Inc. is a United States-based distributor of bicycles, scooters, battery-operated ride-ons, and electric ride-ons. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our The Dynacraft Prophet CB iron is all about enhancing distance and performance featuring Flexface; a thin, special vacuum heat treated high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face with variable thickness to push high COR to its maximum limit. Beat your own score by obtaining fuel cells along the way. Jeff Summitt Login. @ Jay Whipple – First, thank you for your detailed and well thought out comment. Dynacraft Golf features leading technology golf heads. Keep up the good work. Adresse e-mail. Custom-Built Dynacraft Driving Iron . For any head that measured outside of MyGolfSpy’s tolerances for lie or loft (. Home. Rob- thanks! ?Please before I spend a couple bills…. Achieving a perfect score is as simple as giving the consumer exactly what you say you are giving them. By all accounts, the Mitchell STELLCLUB Plus that we use is the best bending machine on the market today. Otherwise, wish you better luck than me. We rally are trying to make this the most thorough club review process out there. 3 Review(s) Dynacraft Prophet CB Irons $38.95. The low end of things was a 7, which isn’t bad generally, and is realistically better than I might expect for a component company. The other disappointmnet is that the black finish is wearing off, particularly on the six iron, which seesm to have poorly finishe from the outset. Anything from 1 to 1.5 degrees out of spec is a 3 point deduction. It would be great if you reviewed some of Tom Wishon’s products. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ?Z, I’m still using these irons which are excellent. Technical Director I told her the bike arrived and was for a child for Christmas and the item arrived missing parts. Career Opportunities. Instruction & Academy Rules of Golf and Etiquette Swing Videos and Comments Classifieds & ProShops . While the Dynacraft Prophet Tours received low marks on our SpecCheck (which put a significant ding in the  total score), overall, we came away pleasantly surprised and even a little bit impressed. They include a paper with the owners manual saying, "Do Not Return to Store, Call or Email Customer Service First." These are top-of-the-line components at great prices! 3 Review(s) Dynacraft Prophet CB Irons $38.95. Because Dynacraft is a component company, this review features a less comprehensive version of both SpecCheck and our performance tests. I have now played 5-6 rounds with these heads (I paired them with the Acculite 95 R Flex shafts) and the results have been really good. She was sorry but "NOTHING SHE COULD DO". Pinhawk SL Golf Iron 8 iron Component Head R/H $ 40.00 $ 30.00 Read more Quick View; True Temper Dynalite 105 S .370 4- pw $ 70.00 Read more Quick View; Sale! Not only are many component companies you may never have heard of churning out products that are often on par with those of the major OEMS, but because smaller companies don’t have to worry about things like PGA sponsorships and multi-million dollar advertising budgets, these less-than-household names can afford to offer competitive products at significantly lower cost to the consumer. . One thing I would like say is that Hireko’s tolerance for loft / lie is +/-1º. While based on performance alone, our low handicap golfer rated the irons as a 7 out of 10, from a value perspective, they’re easily an 8 out of 10. Dynacraft Blade Style Grips Remover C2270. I think if there’s one thing going through our educations as club fitters and builders has taught us it’s that there are trade-offs for everything you do. While we suspect the grooves will dull over time, we’re wondering how many $4 golf balls get chewed to the mantle before that happens. Of course, if this is the standard you use, then it’s completely fair across the board. 4.8 out of 5 stars (21) Total Ratings 21, $39.45 New. Not surprisingly our high handicap golfer said he probably wouldn’t consider buying a set for himself, but both our middle and low handicap golfers thought enough of the clubs to say that they would at least consider Dynacraft’s Prophet Tour irons when it comes time to buy their next set. They do offer a good deal and also 100% custom fitting so as long as you make sure they spec your clubs you can get a good offer many times. Apart from the finish, the Prophet Tour feature a reasonably compact blade style head. This is going to happen occasionally when thousands of clubheads are produced in a given year. A loft and lie machine’s scales are reasonably accurate, but not precise 100% of the time like a club gauge. Golf Sims/GPS/RFs/Apps Putters Golf Style and Accessories The Club House . I mean, the part, postage and effort MAYBE would have cost them $3. They offer models that don't just follow the latest trends, but go ahead of the curve with production techniques that other companies haven't caught up to yet! As you can see, the newest way of awarding points is far less penal, and more realistically represents the actual quality of the clubs. MSG keep up the good work, I realize just how involved and intense this is to accomplish. Comp & Benefits. Personnaliser. Anybody play a round with these clubs or do you sit around in lab coats with loft/lie gauges and lap tops???? Dynacraft Spot Putter with Plumber's Neck Hosel . I agree about the OEM clubs, that is something that people dont usually think about when they buy taylormade, callaway, titelist, etc. But, after reading the review and the spec problem, I decided to look for a closeout special on a brand name tour iron. So they lied and dragged out the emails for so long so I didn't have a chance to return it to Walmart. Prix total: Enregistrer; Annuler la customisation; 38,95 € Assemblé - Livraison 4 à 6 jours ouvrés. This is one of the issues with going that route. If it’s good enough for most (if not all) PGA Tour vans, we believe it’s good enough for the purposes of SpecCheck. As one might expect our low handicapper hit nearly every ball on the center of the clubface, so he really couldn’t say how mis-hits feel. It is certainly possible that the Dynacraft Prophet Tour 3 iron you measured was in fact off by 3 degrees from spec. List of dynacraft golf clubs, user reviews, editorial reviews, dynacraft golf clubs deals, used dynacraft golf clubs and more - golfreview.com Our new testing methodology, which we think will prove to be the most comprehensive and unbiased set of club testing procedures found anywhere (online or in print), includes a balance of subjective feedback  (look, feel, sound), as well as detailed ball flight analysis. This company is not yet accredited. Indeed, our tolerances are tight, but believe that for a club to receive a perfect SpecCheck score, it should be perfect. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver 10.5° Mens/Right, Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Limited Edition Red Putter, 2019 Epic Flash Star Womens Driver 12° Ladies/Right, (your email address will not be published), WE TRIED IT – Golf Pride Concept Helix Grip, First Look: Limited-Edition PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter, WE TRIED IT – Boot Buddy Ultimate Boot Cleaning Tool, 2020 Most Wanted Super Game Improvement Iron, All performance testing was done on state-of-the-art, Prior to performance testing, the entire set was measured for lie and loft on a STEELCLUB® Plus Angle Machine from Mitchell Golf. We bought my son a Home Depot battery ride on dump truck. That is, I’d be inclined to penalize a club that was outside your 1/2 degree tolerance but within 1 degree–the rather standard manufacturing tolerance–significantly (and not just linerally) less than one that was off by 1.5 degrees or more, where the issue becomes not just “perfection” but possible overlap…. A group of golfers consisting of high, middle and low handicap golfers was asked to hit several shots with both the 6 iron and pitching wedge so that we could accurately calculate averages for both overall distance, and deviation from the target line. You can probably find a local proshop willing to take a look at lie and loft for a reasonable price. Really, should a quality component manufacturer be ignored simply because their logo isn’t stitched (in orange thread no less) across Rickie Fowler’s backside? I think this is why your site should do very well in the future explaining that to your readers. * one touch control * highly addictive * lots of fun After about a week emailing back and forth I was asked if I had a multimeter as if I was a technician. Dynacraft Driving Iron $39.95. Could Take 1 to 3 month to come from China!!! I bought a cheap Walmart set of clubs and have been replacing clubs from that bag and adding new ones with great upgrades. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Very affordable custom clubs. I got them over the weekend and will be installing FST 115g X shafts and Lamkin REL 3Gen grips. Nice review MGS, I do enjoy your unbiased reviews. Dynacraft Golf features leading technology golf heads. The Prophet Tour also are amazing to look at. Our goal is to reward the best of the best, but that shouldn’t mean exponentially lower scores for those manufacturers who don’t quite achieve our standards (especially when compared to those that don’t even come close). The same would hold true once a clubhead’s loft and/or lie were changed by use of the bending machine. Dynacraft Golf Open Box: No Pd-product-review-family: 21DYNGROOVESHARPRO Model: Groove Sharpener Pro Condition: New, Factory Sealed FreeShip: No pd-rating: 4.5 pd-rating-count: 17 DropShip: No ShippingGroups: NIL, PromoDiscount: 0.8 New to the golf lingo? My second point has to do with your response to the first person who commented on your evaluation of the Prophet Tour iron. In fact, it has over 1k reviews and it is expertly designed for quality and long-lasting durability. Iron. What we took away from our feel testing is that although the Prophet Blades don’t feel quite as good as a forged iron from Mizuno or Titleist, the feel as good as many cast irons on the market today, and significantly better than department store junk. that’s why i read and trust their reviews as a benchmark for my own tests with product and use. Unsubscribe easily. Was: Previous Price C $66.28 *Dynacraft Accusteel 4* Hook 9* Loft #1 Driver Men's Right Hand #B13. Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron Head . Here's how we tested: All performance testing was done on state-of-the-art 3Trak equipped simulators from aboutGolf at Tark's Indoor Golf ; an indoor golf, club fitting and repair facility located in Saratoga Springs, NY. Basically they’ve milled out a section of the head so that more of the overall mass is shifted to the bottom of the club. I know there have been a lot of changes sense the 90’s but I find it difficult to understand a line of product being sent to you or anyone else without every club being checked and double checked for all spec’s. But that being said tolerance are there for a reason and they should have still been checked. Excellent review and evaluation. The price is also extremely awesome, but i still couldnt get past that spec problem. Shop by Golf Club Type. It bothers me that they won’t even bother attempting to remedy the problem that was their mistake and their own fault. So that would leave me with one of their bikes that cannot be fully assembled prior to Christmas. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Your response included the comment about how this is an issue with nearly every golf component company in existence. Also it falls apart all the time to the point I have bolted many parts back on where their cheap rivets broke! Golf Components up to 28% off. You’re statement that some of these products are equivalent to OEM clubs is supported by range and on course test results in addition to launch monitor data and comments from golfers who have used component clubs. Within a year the steering wheel broke off on 2 pieces. If you are referring to the Golfworks model you could not be more mislead by their schools. The solvent is reusable; excess can be strained and poured back into the bottle. HiOrder arrived last week, picked up this morning. Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Low Odor formula is much safer than store-bought solvents and emits no fumes. Here is where you can buy complete assembled Dynacraft golf clubs. 28" Sonoma Urban Commuter 3-Speed bike 700C (1) While overall the Prophet Tours outperformed our first expectations, it’s worth noting that the grooves, especially those on the pitching wedge, are absolutely brutal on the cover of a golf ball. $24.95. I assume these are made off shore by a cottage casting house? Golf Components. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Dynacraft Driving Iron features a thin steel face with variable thickness to push high COR to the maximum limits. With respect to both lie and loft; any club within .5 degrees gets the full 5 points. I purchased this product for my 3 year old son at Christmas and it did not last through April. We will have a new one up on the site next week. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Based on the feedback we’ve received, with special consideration to Tom’s last comment, a rethink of SpecCheck was warranted. I bought a 6V ride on Unicorn for my 4 year old for Christmas. Get buying tips about Sporting Goods Stores delivered to your inbox. I just need to know how to purchase a replacement since this part is not available except through Dynacraft. We have similar scales we will use for Swing Weight, Length, and frequency as well. Dynacraft Golf Products Inc Dynacraft Golf Products, Inc. was founded in 1980. Best Selling. Points from all scoring categories were tallied to arrive at our final score. If you read last year’s review, you’ll note that the look of the iron (besides the finish) is eerily familiar, and that’s not coincidence. Positive Outlook . Custom-Built Dynacraft Driving Iron. It is a long time since I have had a set of irons which have played as well as these. A link has directed you to this review. But I will say that Hireko is rarely off with their specs I honestly feel this was a rare occurence with them. With this consideration in mind; for each spec we measure, points are deducted on a sliding scale. The “feel” is there (probably not quite as nice as forged, but definitely there), and so is the tolerance/forgiveness. Dynacraft Dual Milled CNC Forged Wedge. Not matter what you think about component clubs; these irons are one of the best-looking irons anywhere; period. The next generation of reviews from MyGolfSpy will include what we call SpecCheck; a series of tests designed to determine if the clubs you buy are truly the clubs you get. The Company's line of business includes retail sale of products by television, catalog, and mail-order. As Jeff Summitt noted, my sense is that the industry standard, and not just Hierko, is +/- 1 degree (for both loft and lie). We’ll publish a full overview of our testing methodology soon. They did not stand behind their products!!!! I don’t want this to persuade golfers not to try your products because I do feel their are many custom fit benefits to your components for a large majority of golfers out there. What We Like: We've always been big Dynacraft fans. I will say this about the Hireko review. Dynacraft BFC Partial Iron Set RH Graphite 2 5 6 8 W Golf Club R Flex . Pinhawk SL Golf Iron Component Heads $ 290.00 $ 0.00 Add to cart Quick View; Related products. I have played golf for 55 years, handicap of plus one at one time, currently 4 handicap. Purchased a 6 volt light up handlebars Jurassic world for my grandson for Christmas. Shop Dynacraft with 24 reviews, 0 discussion, and 0 member photos and videos. The black finish on the clubs does not last — it does not seem very well applied, but this is a small price to pay for good-feeling clubs! I will go and buy from a better manufacturer. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. The Dynacraft Golf Grip Solvent 32 Ounces Bottle Bundle with Trigger Sprayer is the safest and most efficient way to activate solvent-based golf grip tape. When I asked if she would have parts sent she said yes (in 7 to 10 Business Days). Im sure a review featuring OEM clubs could make some people think a little bit more when they buy their clubs. So, while I don’t want to wax too lyrical, it does seem to me you have much of the “benefit” of a blade, without nearly so much of the “downside” (I mean, come on…does feedback have to nearly hurt to be useful ). I do agree, though that the grooves are VICIOUS and really destroy a ball’s cover in only a couple of shots. Dynacraft BSC, Inc. is a United States-based distributor of bicycles, scooters, battery-operated ride-ons, and electric ride-ons. My little plastic protractor seems a tad undergunned. I3710A-bundle. First, checking to see if specifications of a clubhead, such as loft and lie, are within company tolerance levels by using a loft/lie bending machine scale is not the accepted method for determining accuracy. Dynacraft Prophet CB iron heads $ 160.00 $ 96.00 Read more Quick View; Sale! For anything from .5 to 1 degree out of spec, 1 point is deducted. We will be contacting you in the future for a review on a new iron we have coming out, the Pinhawk SL. Glad you like the new review system. The Dynacraft Dual Milled CNC wedges start with a five step forging process from a billet of soft carbon steel providing that unmistaken feel coveted by the most prestigious golfers in the world. They lie and their products are complete trash. Although the published specifications for the head call for 21° of loft, we measured the club at 24° – meaning that the 3 iron and the 4 iron (which measured within our tolerances), were effectively the same (apart from the longer shaft of the 3 iron). These are top-of-the-line components at great prices! I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. HOW DO THEY PLAY???? I like the way it was conducted. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. While it may be durable and high quality, i don’t trust it to the clubs that i make. Chipper. Glad to see you paying attention to companies other than the major OEM’s who offer value over name. FAQ. Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blade Iron Heads are an affordable option to build custom irons or upgrade your current iron heads. I’m thinking of getting to work with a file! Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Sand Wedge. Hi Jeff – thanks for the comments. I’ve done some spec-checks of my own with 2 mizuno sets that I have come across and they were dead on. I predict these will be winners Many golfers are attached to the OEM’s of golf. So I am assuming this was more of a random issue. Future reviews will feature the full implementation of SpecCheck, and I’m really curious to see how OEM clubs will fare. This is indeed a true forging that is not to be construed with form forging using harder 8620 carbon steel that many other companies choose to manufacturer their wedges. Sort By. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Dynacraft Golf Club Tungsten Powder 8 Ounces SKU: TG2. We value your privacy. $14.99 shipping. Again, I admit there are many golf component companies out there that have little or no quality control and produce inferior products. Over the next few days and weeks I will be reviewing the Dynacraft Prophet MB Forged Irons from Hireko Golf. Most of all Tony believes in performance over hype and #PowerToThePlayer. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy's data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. It never would charge or work. There's no service center within reasonable distance unless you think an 8 hours drive is reasonable. Golf Grip Solvent (Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable) 32 Ounces Bottle Bundle with Trigger Sprayer (1) Dynacraft. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks Steve! Never use it. It goes without saying that we find a 3° discrepancy unacceptable. And with the Dynacraft Golf Club Groo ve Sharpener, you will be sure to get a groove sharpener that is high quality, made with heat treated steel with a 60 hardness rating on the Rockwell scale, meaning this tool won't break anytime soon. It is the industry standard for both measuring and bending. In every case I measured the club at exactly 24 degrees. We think that those manufacturers who deliver their products within stricter tolerances, and 100% as specified, should be rewarded for their higher standards and commitment to quality.

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