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hardest day of quitting smoking reddit

Made from a plant root that makes you think you just smoked a cigarette within 30 seconds of taking on tounge. Either way, it is easier to work through symptoms when you know that they’ll soon pass. Im 33yrs, been a smoker for 10yrs, doing max 1 pack a day. Everybody that is reading the comments are here because they want to quit smoking, I hope everyone does! I’m just on 2nd day, and feeling terrible headache dizziness and lot more uncomfortable feeling all day…still confident i’ll overcome…. were you tempted? Check it out. I am 42yrs old and won’t let this POS control my life any longer. I don’t know how to do anything w.o smoking all of the time. I have stopped smoking for 154 days. The day arrives and you say to yourself this is going to be a bad day. My wife is beyond supportive. Good luck to you. Every state has its own dedicated quit smoking network you can use for help. Day 30. What do normal people do on their work breaks? But seriously, great post! It’s working. I am dying… tempted to go to the store & get a pack. 3,6 So, you decide to quit smoking. You are going to feel the pull of the habit, as your mind and body are not used to the change, but actual withdrawal symptoms will not take hold until the second or third day. I work through the week. At times in my earlier years of smoking, I smoked perhaps close to a pack a day then a half of pack. The cravings are pretty bad but I’m pushing through. It gets rough but you have to have you mind set. Went to get gas today and saw my brand of cigs staring at me. Thanks for your article. I had craving on 1st day….Preety bad… Got through that… On 2nd day I spent my day as usual… With my colleague who used to smoke with me except that day I watched him smoke near me n I did not smoke…. It helps. Even the wind on my skin is a new and strange sensation (showing exactly what cigs do to your nerve endings). Lots of cravings but dang my house is getting spotless! Often I hear grapes and cheese calling me from the frig. Your body is going to feel the need for nicotine, and it will go into a state where your body will try to cope with the changes that are happening. Can’t go anywhere – no smoking in bars, hotels, restaurants and pretty soon in condos. I'm not sure about that but for me, the first day was definitely a blur. I’m on day 2 and trust me it’s been rough. Within 24 Hours of Quitting . Sunflower seeds and wint o green life savers have been helpful. But I want to get myself off of the Nicotine all together. losing my eye sight from glaucoma and macular degeneration. At one point, I was in tears, then rage, then crazy woman rambling talk… this has me on an emotional roller coaster. Thank you! Big thread. Hi, I was wondering how your doing? You are the first person I’ve read about that’s said they feel like they lost their best friend. And clothes! I’m also vaping 0mg juice, which is actually quite nice. Hasn’t been that difficult but the heaviness in my chest hasn’t changed yet. I’m now at day 136 without a cigarette. Today is my 4th day smoke free. You may have had some trouble staying asleep during the first night after you smoked your final cigarette. It is my 45th hours of getting away from my last cigarette. Side note I have lost 10 lbs since quitting, you don’t have to replace cigarettes with food, food won’t help the cravings, in my past attempts I have found (for me) it just made it harder. I have decided to quit cold turkey!! I hate the fact that a cigarette had so much control over my life. Day 3,4,14,15,16 hardest! Days 7-8 have been the hardest so far. Your body is still full of nicotine and not craving much on the first day. I couldn't believe it. It was really helpful. Another thing I noticed is that the sound of my television annoys me. Everyone who reading this and trying to quit , Just dont let it over take you, believe me when u start craving it , that craving will change if you just wait for 10 min , simply look at the clock and make sure to wait for 10 min and see if the craving is there or not. Owwwweeee this is hard. I thought by now it would be a breeze and it would be easy, but everyday I have to make myself stop thinking about cigarettes and focus on other things. I never imagined I could even make it 24 hours, so I feel like I slayed the dragon, but reading these comments, my battle is not even close to being over. You will feel the mental cravings very strongly in the first week, and they will likely become even stronger by the second week. After some months of not smoking you really forget that you ever smoked. 16 years smoking nearly one pack a day. I prayed and asked the Lord to “make it like I’ve never smoked.” I do have a few cravings a day but nothing that bad. I told myself, that is it…my mothers day gift to me is to kick this habit already. Every cigarette builds up tar inside your lungs and brings you that much closer to cancer, emphysema and other serious medical conditions. You can do it too! This helped me remember why I don't want to go through this process again. I am snooring like hell and have developed blood circulation problems. Exactly, I am 42 and have been smoking for 26 year about 1/2 to a pack a day. You may still get some occasional strong cravings, but the worst of it is likely over. That’s the worst. Day 3 of stopping smoking feel okay…ish. This is my 5th day of no smoking and actually it hasn’t been that bad. We can do this, There is a really good book called The Smokefree Way. 4 months smoke free.. you always need a reason to take a big shot.. its not been easy journey but if you find a good reason to stop it you will do it eventually.. i was smoking 20 cigarettes a day and without any therapy switched to 0(Yes Zero), it was a planned murder of cigarette , because i want to make happy living with my to be wife and she hates it , also i can feel the difference in my lifestyle , craving didnt stopped yet but i am sure i will make it through:). Just within 12 hours of quitting, I started feeling the outright benefits. Take it from me, you won't regret it at all! I jotted down everything from how hard my cravings were on day 3, who I snapped at on day 4, how clouded my head was on day 5, how my taste and smell was back on day 6, and how damn happy I was to quit smoking on day … It sucks to quit but if you focus on quitting and not the cravings it’s possible. NOT ONE MORE CIGARETTE. What I mean by that is, when I don’t have any cigs around I crave them 10x more because I am saying I CAN’T have them, But when I have them on me it’s a matter of NOT wanting them or NOT giving in to them. In then got easier. Been smoking since i was 19 (31 now) – so just broke a 12 year habit. I stopped (forever) smoking 21 years ago after smoking for 30 years and was on 50 a day when I quit – at the 50th time of trying!! I want to get over losing the smell and sensation of smoking first and then cut back on the nicotine in my vape. 4 in 3 weeks, just ignore that and get back at it….keep going! I woke up at 4am this morning having cold sweats and nightmares. Cravings are in full swing. Seems the cravings are not as intense today as they have been in the last 3. I am tired of coughing, having no energy, and poor health, and that has to be what continues to drive me. Enough is enough. You’re stories keep me motivated! Sorry if this isn’t the type of message you all wanted to hear! Are you concerned about the long-term implications of smoking- perhaps contracting cancer or other serious diseases? I Just tuned 50 on Dec 16th – and I am focused with my journey of a smoke free life. According to the Lung Association of Saskatchewan, the drug nicotine has an effect on your brain wave functions. thanks for nothing. Allan Carrs Easy way to stop smoking…. It will come right. I’m CeeCee and I am on day 7. I went on a detox soup diet that also got rid of some toxins, I guess. But i will not stop. I cannot give in….. We’re addicted to nicotine. It might stick this time. I have been smoking for 15 years Wish me luck ! I was up to smoking a pack and a half to two packs a day. It is just in our mind that we can not make fun without having a puff of cigarette. Ughhh! Please help me dump my “friends”. I still get them every once in a while. After the third day, the nicotine withdrawal … I kicked the habit about 3 months ago but I was kind to myself in the beginning. Keep pushing all. I put a clean one on daily. I was cig free for 2 years before I picked up again (bad decision). Hi – im up to week 8 after 40 years of smoking on average a pack a day. Theres different places people are comming from having said the same exact sentences dont limit your mind to seeing one uptight perspective theres a broad spectrum of reality that includes alot of reading, misreading, and misleading people keep an open mind. Feeling pretty good. A friend said to cut straws the length of cigs, put into empty cig pack. I quit smoking, then went on to apply for a manager position at my work and I got the job, I started therapy, I've gone back to school this year, I've put on a whole lot of muscle, I've changed my eating habits, I've started going out more, gained new friends, got a girlfriend, etc. i am walking whenever i feel urge i go out for a brisk walk, drinking lots of water. IT’S DAY 7 FOR ME AND THE PAST COUPLE OF DAYS HAVE BEEN A NIGHTMARE. Day 4 was fer sure the worst – spent hours looking for cigarettes in my stuff – car, laundry, etc. But that's background and I'm digressing. Been smoking for 41yrs. I was thinking the other day how I’ve been smoking for more than half of my life and it scares the hell out of me. So looking forward to being at day 30 or more. My mind keeps saying just one to verify you really want to quit and that when you smoke it, it will do nothing for you…. I really don’t feel any different being off them (except now I constantly think about smoking) but will give it another week. Day 8 and first full day without nicorette lozenges. I brought it down to 1 at the same time in the evening. Smoking for last 15 years. So here I am at the age of 61 and quit 6 days ago. All my friends are smokers, so I can’t go visit them, or have a beer as I am so tempted to start smoking again, I just really want to put my head under the duvet until this part of my life disappears, and im no longer addicted to nicotine. hi all – Day 14 of quitting @ 40 years old. My dishes are piling up and my apartment is getting dusty, Reviewing why you decided to quit helps. Tired all the time, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums. #3daysin. I can feel the moodiness approaching like a freight train. Another habit. Going on a mini vacation with my oldest son in a month and he told me he really wished I would quit smoking so I don’t waste time having to take smoke breaks on our vacation. I want one so bad. I’m Christine I started to quit 3 days ago I’ve been smoking for 44 years the cravings are so intense I go to my room lay down and sleep the hardest for me is the morning when I’m having coffee and when I eat breakfast,lunch,and or dinner so I’m finding myself not eating so that I won’t crave a cigarette and if I don’t smoke I eat so is it all worth it getting fat which will another problem prayers please. I quit smoking from the last three days feeling so much need now helo me pls. 40 years of smoking. It’s been 3 long days without a cigarette. I’m knackered too! It is okay to give into those cravings a little. On day 7 without smoking. It will help to calm you and take away the urge. Look at it as something positive. So I'm at the fourth day with a 21mg smoking … I want a clean, smoke free life where I am not looking for a smoke morning, noon, or night. Randal you may find using only half a patch helps with the jitters (you may be super absorbing the nicotine) good luck, It just takes 21 days to quit completely from any sigarette or drugs ive started today quitting smoking as my dad is now suffering very badley emphysema. I feel run down, tired, just blah! Great read my friend. Last time I only did 15 days. Quitting is hard and NEVER NEVER take a puff again. I smoked for 8 years! If you are considering quitting smoking and want to know what it feels like, here is the uncensored truth! Started having problems with my heart rate being too high, had a stress test done, came back abnormal, had a heart cath done only to discover I have had a heart attack sometime in my past! That’s discouraging. Just started chantex again ( tried it when it first came out dreams are horribleso it scared me off ) I chose the quick way 7 days then quit ! Look forward to updating you all once the heaviness has gone away. Day 25 On nicotine patch. I keep reminding myself how I feel like crap after finishing a cigarette . I had a very heavy habit. I am on day 13 right now and I can tell you that yesterday/last night was the WORST day, not day 1 nor day 3. There has been the odd time when I thought, I could murder a ciggy but I have just used my vype and done something else that the feeling passed. Had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled on thurs decided this was my chance to quit after 17 yrs, went cold turkey haven’t had one yet on day five now, cravings are getting less but I think I’m gonna make it!! Ive had welling up today and so many thought to just stop all this a pick up a fag but i dont want to let my kids down my eldest has been asking me for years to quit so i really dont want to let him down. I’m on my 2nd day and i feel great. Had to quit, as I already have COPD. Blood circulation will increase and help me slow these eye deceases. Amen, Day 2, again. I can’t wait to be unchained from this habit. I don’t think stopping smoking is as bad as what is being made out in this article. Shortest – half a day! If you really want to quit smoking it is possible. It’s day 9. I'm having a wobbly first day, thanks for letting me know it gets better down the line. My head is banging, and I have the shakes! I used to reward myself with a cigarette after doing the vacuuming or the dishes – I still want to now. On day 7 as well cravings aren’t to bad but I’m sure hungry. The cravings the first day are two are more out of the habit of smoking and not so much from nicotine withdrawal. So you are a non smoking caffeine addicted alcoholic ? Quitting smoking is not easy, as anyone who has tried can attest. My brother was not an addict but in a day he would easily smoke 5- 7 cigarettes. After this time however, things got easier each day. With you! Pat,pat on back. Is this the best info that’s out there on this subject of smoking cessation and if so why. 13 days smoke free and my mind is worse than a craving…. Not one day has gone by that I do not think about them. I just try to stay busy but I have eaten more this last week. I hope this subsides. Have been exercising and meditating this time, maybe thats why it feels a little easier, this time, who knows. This is day 8, no smoking at all. Every day that I’m smoke-free is a little victory over that part of me that tries to self-destruct. I can do this, I believe. Seven years of more smoking and I’m on day three of quitting. I gave up smoking fags (15 years) and the herb (14 years) in one day. GREAT Article!!! I can’t eat too much, or I’ll want a cigarette. I know e-cigs are not approved methods to stop however I only need a few puffs and it stops the craving for at least a few hours! I very much wish I had done this way earlier because it is so difficult especially after you’ve smoked for so many years. Also day 4. so far so good. I would smoke a pack a day. Also, I used it as an excuse to get away from my computer for 5 minutes. Treat it like an adventure. We all have to feel it one way or another but I can tell you this it gets easier its only the first 3-5 days are the hardest . Read the book. I have to do this! Its rough but its only hard when i have down time to think about it! Then at the end of the day when successful, I am thanking God. Go job onto smoking. Without vaping I would have cracked in 30 mins. After looking around online I found a site called “tabex”, and havent had or even wanted a cig in over 2 weeks now. Craving are gone, but I feel so empty and depressed. I had my last cigarette on Monday morning, so it’s been almost five days, and I really want one. I love how my hair smells good now! One day at a time, that’s it. If you find yourself doing particularly poorly, make sure you get some support; talk to friends or join a quit smoking community to find the support you need to keep you going. I am singing better than ever. I’m ready to smoke RIGHT NOW! My flatmate also smokes but she has been going outside when she wants one so that has also really helped. I think psychologically, it is really helping me as although there is no nicotine in my vape it is still giving me that satisfaction kick. It really helps if do kind of a detox day or two BEFORE going on a full fast. I feel better every day that I don’t have a cigarette!! Thanks for the read. Its been a month today. 3) Need a break from work stress … Mental torture? Good luck guys positive mental attitudes will get us through this. What a great challenge. Good luck everyone. This is my 4th day of quitting cold turkey…..I live in kentucky, and I can smell someone smoking in New York . I have never smoked in my car, and I am a teacher so I have to go without until I get home from school. Now on day 16 of not smoking. I’m on day 15 and this is the absolute worst, physically and emotionally, hanging tough with support and a positive attitude thinking about my health and how much money I will save to spend on trips and fun! Planning to load up a cooler with snacks and stuff for the drive and make myself pull over at a rest stop for more than just a bathroom break, plus have my vape next to me the whole time. Now I will have money to spend during this life that I am prolonging by not smoking all day, every day for the rest of my life. Be careful. What makes quitting hard is getting over the brainwashing that it has caused making you feel like you need that chemical, that it brings excitement or pleasure. Do you have any comment on that, I’d be genuinely interested to hear your point of view on that topic. kind regards, ava. I hear ya! I WILL MEET my future grandchildren. Using vape very heavily so I can still socialise with co-workers so I’m not losing the nicotine addiction, yet. Exercise: I started running and lifting. It is a case of mind over matter. Never had stitches in my mouth they hurt so bad (oh I went in originally because my face was swollen obviously serverly infected) they pulled 2 teeth. I’ll tell you how it’s going 21 days later. I’m on hour 41… usually smoke 3/4 pack a day… going at this cold turkey. Husband still smokes and refuses to quit so it is making it harder for me. Pick up a hobby. We’re trying to quit the nicotine guys, not the smoking itself. Longest period was 11 months. I moved to a VAPE and then for the last 4 years have been addicted to vaping. I have tried a few sleep hypno’s on youtube and find they quite work, if you are ready. I know strange, but I find it easier to fight my will power than my craving. This is my first day and I wanna kill myself all I can think about is smoking I’ve had a constant craving all day long ago honestly don’t know if its worth giving up just to feel like this.

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