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peppermint tea and breastfeeding

Some of the typical signs of allergy include tremors, headache, mouth soreness, and shaky feet. Can increase milk supply from 50 – 100%. Mom’s milk smells like her amniotic fluid. The peppermint flavor in those is from peppermint oil. I pump (within an ounce) the exact same amount everyday and have for well over 3 months time. Peppermint tea can help freshen breath and even is an anti-microbial agent in the mouth. topically were less likely to experience cracked nipples and pain than women who applied expressed breast milk topically (Melli, Rashidi, Delazar et al, 2007). Don’t overdo it once you’re seeing some results. It seems reasonable to me that peppermint could have a similar result in a newborn. Peppermint and Spearmint. The Peppermint plant is said to have originated from Asia and Europe and has been around for many centuries. Only 1 cup a night before bed and LO (little one) has been feeding on both side and wanting to be fed in different positions. . Although normal consumption of this tea should be fine, if you have a past medical history of miscarriages or you are breastfeeding, just stay away from peppermint altogether. Sleep-friendly. Peppermint tea is particularly useful for relieving nausea, upset stomachs, morning sickness, and dizziness during pregnancy. Many women use prenatal vitamins and supplements as recommended by their gynecologists, but peppermint tea may inhabit their proper function. The first place I remember reading that peppermint (Mentha x piperita) oil may be contraindicated for nursing mothers was in Sheila Humphrey’s The Nursing Mother’s Herbal (a favorite of mine, by the way). According to Nicole, this herb is also high in calcium, magnesium and iron. Some people seem to be allergic to methanol. So I searched and found you! Be careful with this if you are notin the weaning process! Should Nursing Mothers Drink Decaf Tea?. Other herbs that may help are chamomile and ginger, but I doubt he'd like the ginger. An overdose of peppermint tea leads to several adverse effects including muscle pain, tremors, diarrhea, drowsiness, and an abnormal heart rate. HOWEVER, one important point to note is that some breastfeeding moms have reported a noticeable decrease in their milk supply even after only ingesting small amounts of the herb such as that found in peppermint teas, strong peppermint candies or menthol cough drops. Hope this helps any other pumping/direct nursing mothers munching along, though I understand we are all very different. After baby’s birth, I continued to drink peppermint tea … it’s a family favorite and we drink it often. Make sure you drink plain water too I used peppermint essential oil to wean my baby quickly when we went on a vacation to southern Utah. 3rd Month Pregnancy Diet - Which Foods To Eat And Avoid? Peppermint tea is a very weak form of peppermint and only large amounts (quarts, not glasses, per day) would be expected to decrease breast milk supply. When I was prego with #4 (in 1998), I drank a herbal tea throughout the last few months, very steadily the last month. True herbal teas do not contain caffeine. The only scent the baby knows at birth is right there at the breast. Mint and breastfeeding ~ Peppermint is known to decrease supply, but as soon as it is out of your system, your milk supply should increase to normal again. Parsley is a diuretic, so it may help decrease your breast milk by decreasing the amount of water in your body. A daily drink of this powerful and caffeine-free tea can not only help you lose weight but also alleviate pain and digestive problems. Goldenseal . Is colloidal silver safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding? Cooled peppermint tea can help prevent cracking and pain in the nipples of breastfeeding mothers. Okay for pregnancy but avoid during breastfeeding because it may reduce milk supply. Please log in again. Per my privacy policy, you can unsubscribe at any time. and family still drinking peppermint tea … and this time my milk supply was even worse. Peppermint is only an issue in breastfeeding if using concentrated peppermint essential oil. Thank you for taking the time to research this topic and share the information with breastfeeding community. I hope all is well…sounds like you have been busy : ), Hi Bryan! I came across your page while researching the different foods/medications I have been taking in. So far the only thing in my diet that has come up with any red flags is peppermint. Back to top. Researchers also state that peppermint cures indigestion and IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (1). It was obvious I didn’t have enough milk, and I had to start supplementing goat’s milk. ​Pregnancy- and Lactation- Cheat Sheet Sign-Up. Alfalfa breastfeeding tea: Can be used safely to increase milk supply. (I’m sure a peppermint candy here or there won’t hurt.) It contains herbs like fennel seed, and more that encourage increased milk production. Here are some positive attributes of peppermint tea while breastfeeding: [ Read: Is Green Tea Safe While Breastfeeding ], [ Read: Chamomile Tea During Breastfeeding ]. Nipples are meant to be used for breastfeeding. I’m hoping it will take a good 10-15 days to finally stop all together . 11 Unexpected Peppermint Tea Side Effects: 1. Peppermint Tea Benefits 1. I pumped to check my output and it is a third of what it was just 1.5 weeks ago. Tinctures and Extracts: These are typically used in a higher concentration for internal healing and more serious health conditions. All rights reserved. Is It Safe To Take Painkillers While Breastfeeding? It is often advisable to buy herbal tea from a reputable manufacturer to overcome the risk of contamination. It then dawned on me (dun dun dunnnn) the cookies had done me in. I have 5 children and had plenty of milk with the first 3. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Avoid consuming peppermint tea in excess quantities while breastfeeding, as it hampers breast milk production. This beverage is also considered to be harmful for infants; hence breastfeeding mothers better avoid it. My pronouns are she/hers. I haven’t ingested any other mint things as I know it’s a rule of thumb to avoid… these cookies never crossed my mind as a culprit until I read that it actually contains peppermint oil not just a flavoring. Everything in moderation. Peppermint tea may interact with some medications that a pregnant mother is taking. 4. Totally agree with this. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Breastfeeding mothers often consume peppermint tea when they want to wean or dry up their milk supply. Peppermint tea, also regarded as a natural decongestant, cures common cough and cold. So far, I haven’t been able to find any actual case studies related to peppermint and breastfeeding, so I’m wondering if all of this stems from one instance. Other resources & websites also refer to vague anecdotal evidence suggesting that too much peppermint will decrease supply in breastfeeding women. 5. Peppermint tea has been shown to help commuters to drive more safely and it is an ideal study aid for students. I’m sorry! Peppermint tea contains a small amount of methanol, so consuming only a few cups would not effect in your breast milk supply. I haven’t been able to come up with a good reason to explain why peppermint oil might inhibit milk supply, so I decided to turn to PubMed to see if I could find any additional info. Using the Infant Risk Center link, I found that Dr Hale references peppermint oil as one substance that can relax the esophagus in pregnant women, worsening reflux. (This does not include any other drinks that are called “tea” but truly are not, such as mate tea.) It is a caffeine free tea, and also low in tannins to impose no side effects on both mother and her baby. this herb, with the scientific name of Mentha Piperita, is an herb that has a cooling minty and aromatic smell that is categorized under the mint group of plants. I keep searching for any info as to exactly how peppermint decreases supply. Caffeine can reach your baby through your breast milk and may keep them awake. I figured slowly cutting down on pumping time would be more tolerable than cutting out entire pumping sessions . You can dampen a cotton dab in lukewarm peppermint tea and apply it to your nipples. Yes, great points! But while you are nursing, remember to sip a smaller amount of the herbal tea to stay safe from the potential side effects. Green tea certainly doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, and you can even get caffeine-free varieties. Peppermint is also used as an active ingredient in chest rubs and vaporizers. Flavoring Agent: This plant is also a popular flavoring agent in many foods, candies, beverages, and baked goods. Peppermint mainly poses a problem when used therapeutically or in larger amounts. Loose leaf CBD Rich Cannabis Tea Leaves (Lab Tested, 100% organic and less than 0.2% THC) Body & Mind Botanicals Peppermint tea has 0.5grams of Peppermint leaves added to each bag it tastes just like a peppermint tea. With that being said, my ounces are back to their exact amounts today. Peppermint has long been used to calm indigestion and upset stomachs. Amazing, isn’t it! Drinking peppermint tea can help freshen a person’s breath, and it may … If you take straight peppermint oil though, that will lower your supply drastically and should only be used when weaning. Another study revealed that is helps students to be focused and remain alert when studying. Red pepper, peppermint, wine, chocolate, coffee, tea and fish high in mercury are among the foods to avoid or limit while you’re breastfeeding. Cheers~ Pam Paris. Couldn't figure out why, but finally put 2 + 2 together and realized I had been drinking mint tea before bed. While many prefer the taste alone, I like to mix it with other teas. Cascara . I’m so glad you found it helpful, Pam. However, if you are one to frequently eat peppermints on a daily basis, try not to because some moms have reported that they saw a dip in their supply after eating this. It helps you get relief from pain and inflammation. Well, I just slipped up and had a cup again today without thinking. There can be variation in the licensing of different medicines containing the same drug. BUT … somehow in my endless searching, I found a statement somewhere linking low milk supply to peppermint. Everything in moderation. Professionals have declared it safe to use during pregnancy. I really do think it’s important for these situations to be available in the medical literature. LIGHT BULB!!! The first thing to do is contact an IBCLC or your local La Leche League chapter to get some advice specific to your situation. Drinking peppermint tea while pregnant can have an uplifting affect. As a pregnant woman, you will suffer from indigestion or bloating. Here are 12 science-backed benefits of peppermint tea and extracts. Rooisbos tea (South African redbush) is also caffeine free and you can drink it with or without milk. In addition, it should be noted that drinking peppermint tea while breastfeeding is … If you are buying a blend of peppermint tea with either black or green tea, then this will contain caffeine. When it comes to anxiety and stress, peppermint tea is one great remedy. I also like calendula applied topically just after a feeding for similar reasons. If you are allergic to any plants or pollen, you should stay away from related herbal plants. ​Get one of my most-often-used clinical tools: a list of herbs to pick from for clients who are breastfeeding or lactating. 50 Beautiful Barbie Coloring Pages Your Kids Will Love, Baby Sign Language: Useful Tips And Sign Words To Communicate. Goat’s Rue –it increases the breast milk production and stimulates milk flow as well. In this case, about 30% of mothers may find it reduces milk supply. You should also make sure that your tea is caffeine free if you’re drinking more than 3 cups a day. Fantastic to see breast feeding and baby related information being presented with a scientific perspective in mind. Do you prefer herbal teas? Is It Safe To Drink Apple Juice While Breastfeeding? Two hours before I pumped I had consumed 8/12 or so cookies. Peppermint is a vasodilator….and any use of vasodilators increase output by widening the milk ducts….so yes still don’t understand how it decreases supply. Online breastfeeding magazine for nursing moms like you. 6. Peppermint tea is a very weak form of peppermint and only large amounts (quarts, not glasses, per day) would be expected to decrease breast milk supply. Peppermint tea cures several stomach ailments like bloating and gas. The FDA does not oversee the production of peppermint tea or any other herbal tea sold in the market. With the onset of lactation (for first-time mothers), your nipples often become swollen, and you may experience severe pain while feeding your newborn baby. Alfalfa –it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and helps increase breast milk. I’ve been searching for more information on the use of essential oils in lactation and I agree! I also ran across vague suggestions that peppermint has traditionally been used to decrease milk supply. There are. The herbal tea serves as an appetite suppressant and keeps you full for longer time span. The tea can contain harmful contaminants, including pesticides. Breastfeeding mothers often consume peppermint tea when they want to wean or dry up their milk supply. Cooled peppermint tea can help prevent cracking and pain in the nipples of breastfeeding mothers. Therefore it is best to avoid the hibiscus tea during and immediately after your pregnancy, while breastfeeding.This is because you need your body performing at its maximum to keep the post-natal processes smooth for the health of both you and your baby. Blessed Thistle Tea –it increases breast milk supply and also helps to fight postpartum depression. Newborns rely on their senses to find the breast and latch. The methanol present in the herbal tea serves as a muscle relaxant and offer tremendous relief from stress. I had previously used it in some lotions and felt like it was decreasing my milk supply. Herbs and Pregnancy; Treating Infertility with Herbal Medications; Caffeine and Pregnancy; Compiled using information from the following sources: 1. Raspberry leaf is also a galactagogue, so it supports breast milk production. But like Jessica & Joyce, I’ve experienced, first hand, that there IS a connection to low milk supply and peppermint. Doctors may advise you to drink a few sips of peppermint tea to eliminate the pain experienced after a C-section. Hibiscus herbal tea. ​You'll receive periodic updates about new blog posts/podcasts, webinars, and so forth. This marked the lowest amount I’ve pumped in a day since the week after birth. Per my privacy policy, you can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Please read our Disclaimer. I had thought that peppermint tea wash or tea bag compress would be good for cracked nipples to help prevent bacteria from getting into the breast tissue and causing problems but wasn’t sure about the impact on milk supply. Black Walnut . I found this study. You should never intake peppermint tea, when you already consume drugs for blood pressure, stomach acid, diabetes, and cyclosporine. My wife loves peppermint tea and I didn’t want to cause her any problems by serving it to her. It is a caffeine free tea, and also low in tannins to impose no side effects on both mother and her baby. I would highly recommend it. When solids were introduced, he took to them like a duck to water and weaned himself by 8 months. There are studies in which peppermint oil was used by breastfeeding women, but none of them looked at the milk supply issue. Thanks for stopping by! Does applying peppermint oil to the breasts while trying to wean from exclusively pumping effect my LO if Breast milk is still being consumed ?! As well as teas containing any of the following herbs: black walnut, chickweed, cocoa, herb Robert (geranium robertianum), lemon balm, oregano, parsley (petroselinum crispum), periwinkle herb (vinca minor), sorrel (rumex acetosa), thyme, yarrow. After pregnancy, you may consider switching to a Nursing Tea while breastfeeding. As a lactation consultant I have to question the study about the peppermint gel or water applied topically to prevent nipple cracking and pain. Inhaled 2-3 times a day for maybe two days. Peppermint essential oil has been used traditionally for decreasing milk supply. Although instructed not to, 12 mothers breastfed their infants during the experiment. Pregnant or Breastfeeding: If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to avoid peppermint oil and extract, as the concentration of active ingredients could be dangerous for the baby. Peppermint Tea . Peppermint tea is a very weak form of peppermint and only large amounts (quarts) would be expected to decrease milk supply. There may be situations where you wonder if peppermint oil will help your baby overcome a sickness or if it is safe for you to take while you are breastfeeding. For example: 3 tea bags of red raspberry leaf tea + 1 bag of peppermint tea + 4 quarts of water + 2 tbsp of raw honey. As a lactating mother, when you experience an oversupply of breast milk or weaning, the doctor may advise you to consume a small quantity of peppermint tea. Mothers reported that none of their infants refused their milk or bre… Use Peppermint Tea to Relieve Stress. The sense of smell is primary. Peppermint is a soothing herb best known for treating gum pain, stomach problems and digestive problems. The login page will open in a new tab. I drank my fluids, ate, pumped (as usual) with no change other than the cookies. Apart from its rich flavor, this beverage contains numerous health benefits. Some women claim to have successfully used the strong peppermint candies (for example, Altoids) for decreasing milk supply (just having a few pieces of gum or some mints per day aren’t likely to affect breast milk supply, though). Apparently, the regular herbal peppermint tea has so little peppermint in it that it normally isn't an issue. Many moms find drinking peppermint tea in early pregnancy helps with nausea.

Breastfeeding-problems.com disclaims warranty or liability for your use of our info. When you use peppermint tea as a pain reliever, it is best to limit your intake to only one or two cups a day. Peppermint is a popular flavoring due to its clean, pleasant smell and taste. Aloe (internal) Uva Ursi . Ephedra . Baby 4 was always cranky and crying and I didn’t seem to have the abundance of milk like I did with the others. A (very) preliminary search did not turn up much – I looked through many of the Eclectic & Physiomedicalist texts on Henriette’s Herbal homepage, in Mrs. Grieve’s Modern Herbal and so forth – none mention this use. If you take straight peppermint oil though, that will lower your supply drastically and should only be used when weaning. Most new mothers are in a constant state of feeling sleep deprived and in search of a pick-me-up -- many times in the form of a caffeinated beverage. Black Walnut . One probably won't hurt but Echinacea is actually ok to use whilst breastfeeding & good for colds too. Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) – Supports digestion and relaxes muscles. Which herbal teas should I avoid in pregnancy? Just FYI if you are still breastfeeding, you might want to indulge in all the peppermint treats in moderation. If anyone has come accross any other historical references to peppermint or other mints being used to lower milk supply or during weaning, please pass them along! IMO it’s better not to interfere with the baby’s sense of smell. Consumed during pregnancy peppermint can reduce heartburn symptoms. 2. In addition, it should be noted that drinking peppermint tea while breastfeeding is also not recommended. One study found that the gel was significantly more effective than lanolin or placebo at preventing nipple cracking in first time moms over the first 14 days (Melli, Rashidi, Nokhoodchi et al, 2007). Hi there! I always recommend that herbalists develop a close relationship with a local IBCLC). Feel free to email if you have more questions. But it really does seem to dry up my milk. I was extremely sensitive to peppermint. I’m at 8 months postpartum and track daily so I know my exact output. 2. The effect of peppermint on the treatment of nipple fissure during breastfeeding: A systematic review. Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Peppermint Tea. When you are a nursing mother, it is advisable to avoid the intake of peppermint tea unless your doctor assures you about the safety of the tea. Raspberry leaf tea was traditionally used in late pregnancy to prepare for birth and breastfeeding. 5. Pure peppermint tea is caffeine-free. However, our blend contains one part of the whole leaf not the concentrated oil. The antibacterial property of peppermint increases your tissue flexibility and helps you prevent nipple pain and soreness. Bile flow is increased, which will encourage good digestion. Herbal Tea. A good tea to drink during the lactation phase is Rooibos tea. Before taking peppermint tea or supplements, consult with the medical consultant. Peppermint mainly poses a problem when used therapeutically or in larger amounts. Peppermint oil is made by distilling the ground parts of the peppermint plant, and not all of its possible uses are thoroughly tested and proven. Petitgrain (Citrus x aurantium) – Thought to be beneficial for skin, especially oily skin. While peppermint tea is often drunk for its flavor, it may also have several positive effects on health. Similarly to other herbal tea, peppermint tea is often used to treat and soothe a broad range of symptoms throughout the centuries, looking at the archaeological evidence, people have been drinking peppermint tea for over 10,000 years for precisely these reasons. Add message | Report | See all. If it’s okay with you, I may send you a private email to see if we could write your case up for publication. Please help ! Peppermint Tea . Hello There! Goldenseal . Mentanol, present in herbal tea, serves as a muscle relaxant and has a huge relaxation of the nipples when feeding. My previous baby was very active and curious, and basically weaned himself, so I don’t know much about weaning and what my body would normally do if I weaned so quickly. Peppermint tea or the oil extracted from the peppermint leaves helps treat gastrointestinal disorders effectively. According to Dr. Sears, most 6-month-old babies drink 1 quart of breast milk a day, and 90 percent of that milk is water. Moral of the story … if you’re breastfeeding … don’t drink or eat peppermint on a regular basis!!! It was obscure and I couldn’t find more info no matter how hard I looked, but I figured I’d give it a try. Everyone is different, of course. Then chill. You'll get emails a few times per month with reminders about upcoming classes & workshops, book & article recommendations, and thoughts about the ups and downs of being in clinical practice. Peppermint tea helps to relieve heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, and/or gas. An additional concern whenever a substance is applied to the nipple is if it will cause the infant to react differently to the nipple. Pass on peppermint When I was newly pregnant, my OB-GYN mentioned I should avoid peppermint tea, in addition to all of my other beloveds: blue cheese, sushi, unpasteurized green juice. There are also some special herbal tea mixes targeting pregnant women. Nursing mothers who were participating in an experiment on the excretion of 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) in breastmilk took a 100 mg capsule of 1,8-cineole orally. Actually, this tea is a perfect beverage to drink before going to bed as it will help you to relax and provides relief from day-to-day stress. It’s worth staying away from in my opinion. Contact Dermatitis: Many people are allergic to this plant and will experience contact dermatitis when touching any of these substances. If this can help anyone else out there, I’d be so happy! ; Echinacea breastfeeding immune support tea: Is safe, if taken in small amounts (1 cup per day). This is attributed to the ingredients in the extract, that is, peppermint oil and menthol. Is It Safe To Take Naproxen While Breastfeeding? However, in the event that nipple damage does occur it can be nice to help the tissue heal up a bit and provide some “first aid” (while also getting appropriate help for latch, etc. Peppermint tea is considered generally safe to be drunk by breastfeeding mums in amounts of 1-2 cups per day. I’d love to hear your thoughts below, especially if you have experience with peppermint and breastfeeding! You can find a LLL group near you here: http://www.llli.org/webindex.html Most have phone numbers that you can call for support. Is It Safe To Have Energy Drinks When Breastfeeding? Fenugreek being the main galactagogue which increases milk supply. Can You Drink Peppermint Tea While Breastfeeding? Happy Spring – C, Camille, Thank you for this article. Hope it helped. Peppermint Tea. Peppermint Tea For Breastfeeding Support Adrenal my Profile; New South Wales National World Off Beat Business Sport SPORT Local Sport Liver Detox With Lemon Water. One of the major side effects of drinking peppermint tea in excess quantity is that it reduces the blood sugar level suddenly. The soothing herb relaxes the valve that separates your stomach from the esophagus. A cup a day probably won't hurt you, nor will a mixed herbal tea, but in general, stay away from peppermint. Peppermint tea is herbal, and it helps calm the stomach muscles and relieves symptoms of pain or irritation. Keep up the good work. Tea with peppermint tea is an excellent energy enhancer and helps to overcome stress and anxiety while you are breastfeeding. Share your experiences about peppermint tea with other mommies here! PMID: 17767120. Safe Sleeping Positions during First Trimester of Pregnancy, Nightmares And Night Terrors In Babies & Toddlers: Reasons And Solutions. Learn more…. You can also mix it into other fo… 2007;13:CR406-11. Although there are many positive effects of peppermint, there are also a number of negative side effects associated. peppermint tea breastfeeding. No more peppermint tea! Green tea certainly doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, and you can even get caffeine-free varieties. If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux, drinking peppermint tea can complicate your health condition. You are so right about the information on peppermint and breastfeeding being very vague and hard to find. In two clinical trials at the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, a gel containing 0.2% peppermint oil was applied to heal cracked nipples in a total of 114 women with promising results (Melli et al 2007, Shanazi et al 2015). I'm also a professor in the Department of Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology, pathophysiology, and mindful eating. But is drinking herbal tea like peppermint tea safe for your breastfeeding baby? I wouldn’t expect peppermint oil applied topically to do much in your case, and if you do try it I’d wipe it off with a soapy rag & water before nursing your baby so that baby doesn’t ingest the oil. My milk supply has decreased in the past week to the point my baby screams from hunger and gets frustrated while feeding. If you are allergic to menthol or suffering from chronic asthma, it is best to stay away from peppermint tea/oil. I've been drinking peppermint tea every other day since October and haven't had my supply drop. Mint tea is a delightful and refreshing way to stay healthy and can help you boost your immune system, improve digestion and reduce aches and pains. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. So if you have an overprod uction of milk then you should be fine. Ephedra . 1. Well, to know more about the safety aspects of peppermint tea while breastfeeding, read the post below! It is worth considering peppermint gel or infusion topically the first few days of breastfeeding … This was a topic I had the same concerns about and I found your article very informative. Definitely peppermint tea, fennel is also good, as is chamomile tummy massage with some peppermint oil. Luckily, peppermint tea does not contain any caffeine in it. Of these women, 5.7% provided their babies with tea or supplements once within a two week period and 3.6% provided their babies with tea or supplements twice or more during the same time frame (1). A cup of Body and Mind Botanical's Cannabis Tea has been shown to help people relax and unwind in the evening. https://www.drugs.com/breastfeeding/peppermint.html. 3. It's also added to some soft drinks and energy drinks, as well as some cold and flu remedies. But she's also been not wanting to drink from breast properly too, like she doesn't like the taste or something. Herbal teas that may reduce milk supply and that you should not drink while breastfeeding are sage tea, menthol, spearmint or peppermint teas. Montvale, NJ: Thomson Healthcare Inc. 2. ; Milk thistle breast feeding tea: Used as a powerful galactagogue to increase milk supply. ), PDR for herbal medicines 4th ed. Having a cup of peppermint tea helps you overcome gastrointestinal problems and makes it easier for you to digest foods. Peppermint tea can help freshen breath and even is an anti-microbial agent in the mouth. Although peppermint tea does not include a high concentration of peppermint when compared to its oils, it is still better to avoid it unless your doctor approves it. You can mix the sage in vegetable juice (for example, V-8), but it won’t mix well into other juices. I’m no case study nor a scientist, but I plan to steer clear of peppermint in any form until I reach my goal of 1 year.

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