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randolph school faculty and staff

My name is Melissa and I am the Office Manager here at The Randolph School. Phyllis Harris, Assistant Principal. This allows our students to develop a strong sense of collaborative autonomy, in which they are able to identify and solve problems both on their own and in a group. RANDOLPH, NJ- Players from Randolph High School’s Boys Soccer Program, together with Head Coach George Mousis, delivered Care Packages containing face masks and hand sanitizers for the school… I hold a NYS Professional Teaching Certificate in Visual Arts and a Master’s degree in Special Education, and I am always seeking opportunities to weave these skills into what I do at Randolph. While working at Randolph I have come to understand that the most important part of early childhood education is care, as it is a part of everything we do as teachers. I grew up locally and plan to grow my family in this area. David Randolph. Randolph Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability in all educational and vocational programs, services, activities, and employment. I took what I learned and finished my Early Childhood Education degree at SUNY Cortland graduating in 2014. Following that experience, I joined the team during the summer as a camp assistant before becoming the lead Afterschool teacher in fall 2016. When I am away from the classroom, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, yoga, rollerblading, gardening, cooking, reading, spending time with my dog, and caring for my chickens. I am looking forward to this coming year’s all-school Apple Picking trip, Harvest Feast, Maple Fest, Winter Sing-Along, Ice Skating, Rocket Launches, and so many other lovely Randolph traditions. I hold a NYS and NYC certificate to teach grades N-6. About About The Randolph School Faculty and Staff Board Members School Setting School Day Contact and Directions The Randolph Experience Our Academic Program Randolph Revival Pre-K Early Elementary Upper Elementary Summer Program Admissions How to Apply Tuition and Financial Aid Information Sessions & Tours Support Us. So much sound around us! This past year I started an after school soccer program at Randolph and can’t wait to continue running around with the kids outside and teaching them new skills in the years to come. We believe that learning should reflect real life. I was amazed each week by the learning environment and how it benefited all learners in a mixed age group environment. Teachers are expected to arrive to all their assignments at least one minute before the start of class (as per the UFT contract). Nurturing a Sense of Wonder. 11 Apr 2019. ALUMNAE & ALUMNI PARENTS & FAMILIES INSIDE RANDOLPH. Faculty & Staff Directory. I began my career as an art teacher in NYC, and since then, have developed my practice to include the fields of outdoor education and special education. Volunteer; Home; About; Calendar; Newsletter; Our Staff; LPS Parent Center. Wanting to ensure that children, no matter his or her socio-economic status, gain access to a quality education that is centered around the student. Once we unlock that door, we walk through confidently with opportunities for each child to practice developmentally-appropriate skills and strategies to solve any problem they encounter. I’ve always been a devotee to the sounds of trains. I have been in education both in Texas and New York since 2008. A good educator will feed the child’s natural curiosity, feed the child’s heart, and feed the child’s spirit. What can be viewed as a bunch of miscellaneous objects to some people is often the start to an ongoing plan that, as an educator at the Randolph School, inspires me to practice being creative myself in how I present opportunities for learning in my classroom. To play with it. This ongoing project offers multiple points of entry for students to make contributions, and is a wonderful tool for exploring themes that arise throughout the school year. Search: There is no staff matching your search criteria Administration. Our faculty follows the highest standards in early childhood education & development. The total number of instructional staff teaching the 663 undergraduate students at Randolph College is 72. Kimberly Allmond, Principal’s Secretary. As a freshman at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, Naomi Randolph was intrigued by the sound of a piano playing one afternoon. Jesse M. Casey, Principal Phyllis Harris, Assistant Principal Aimee Sobon, Associate Principal Alicia Bobcombe-Ring, PACE Coordinator/ Administrative Intern. My background is in art, design, museum education, and early childhood education, specifically Reggio-inspired. We believe that our role as educators is to provide our students the guidance and framework needed to support their own curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking so that they develop a lifelong love of learning. I was a volunteer soccer coach in Wappingers when I was in high school and continued for five years. I’ve even had the pleasure of sharing Randolph’s unique approach to education by giving tours of our beautiful campus to prospective families and guiding them through the admissions process. Please allow us to introduce ourselves, and feel encouraged to come introduce yourself! I am very excited to be a part of the Randolph community! Randolph Community College ©2020. With this attentiveness, I began creating musical stories in my mind, and eventually through songcraft to make sense of the audible world. Randolph employs about 68 full-time faculty members, 61 adjuncts, and 5 faculty who have staff responsibilities or library status. Scroll . I joined the Randolph School in 2010. While attending Dutchess Community College, I was assigned to do my fieldwork with the Upstairs children. Be Bruce. I hope to instill confidence, kindness, and a love of science, nature and baking into these beautiful young children of yours! Coming Randolph to be part of such an amazing school has already brought so much more meaning to my life. I did my fieldwork with the downstairs program and never forgot the wonderfully unique and amazingly warm experience it left me with. I graduated from Dutchess Community College in May of 2012 with an Associates Degree in birth through second grade. I first joined the Randolph community as a five year old in 1987. I began teaching at Randolph through a fieldwork experience in the spring of 2016 and instantly fell in love with the school and community. I also continued, outside of Randolph, teaching a number of courses for teachers who were not so lucky as to teach at a place like Randolph, but who wanted to consider how to bring a more progressive approach to their public school classrooms. My passions and curiosities have always informed my identity as an educator, so the creative freedom and endless possibility this learning community offers has me feeling like I won the lottery. Randolph is a teaching-intensive institution, but the members of its faculty are quite active in the public advancement of their fields. My name is Lewis, and I am so grateful and excited to be a part of the Randolph School community. My time teaching at Randolph has been and continues to be full of joys and laughter, challenges and tears, and so much learning and growing as I work to create a safe and loving learning environment -- A space and time full of authentic and meaningful experiences for children to construct their knowledge and understanding of the world and to build the physical, social-emotional, and academic skills needed to navigate it successfully. Since 2009 I have enjoyed serving as a lead teacher in the Downstairs while also developing integrated, site-based field science and outdoor education curricula for all  age-groups throughout the school. Faculty and Staff. Beyond that, I can attest to the Randolph magic, as I am also a parent of a Downstairs friend, with a direct window into her world here at school. Faculty and Staff Attendance. In return, Randolph strives to provide competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth. I am also a parent to two amazing Randolph students. Being around children all day in such a warm and caring environment is truly a dream. I also went into the "family business," absorbing, as I grew, my parents' commitment to progressive education, to a kind of teaching that was responsive to children's stages of development, to the passions that moved them, to the skills they had and the ones they were ready to acquire. In my work, I emphasize process over product, free exploration of materials, encouraging playful learning, and meeting children where they are. Together, we create and cultivate a community bond and educational experience that is truly unique. At Randolph-Macon College, there are 366 employees including both instructional staffs (faculties) and non-instructional staffs. I attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie and studied Business Management. Here at Randolph, the motivation for learning is built into the experience and it is my role to support all stakeholders in preserving this legacy. Beginning in the Downstairs (PreK), students are building a foundation of confidence in their abilities to overcome social and academic challenges. Randolph Elementary School. I love visiting gardens in lieu of having one of my own, taking photos of the beautiful flowers. I worked for years at The Washington Market School in Tribeca and, later, was Educational Director and teacher at the Old First Nursery School, a parent coop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The most delightful thing about working with this age group and in this environment is the flexibility we have to listen to our children, feed off of their interests and expand their learning through play. Read More. Randolph students expand their ambition and abilities through creative exploration and experiential learning, all while exhibiting good citizenship. In recent years it has been my pleasure to watch my two sons begin their formal education at Randolph School and collaborate with my wife, Amy, as a colleague and co-teacher. We, members of the staff and faculty of Pocatello High School, are in full support of changing the mascot and team names of our school. At Randolph, relationships matter most. In 2017 I was given an amazing opportunity to run the After School Program along with assisting both the 9-10-11s and the 7-8-9s. Naomi Randolph Assistant Principal, Fieldston Lower. Employment at Randolph is an opportunity to join a community of learners who seek challenge, commitment, and strong relationships. Search the Randolph Web Site. Donate store. Randolph Field ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex or disability in providing education services, activities, and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. Greetings to everyone getting acquainted with Randolph School. APPLY REQUEST VISIT NEWS A-Z. 2500 RIVERMONT AVE. LYNCHBURG, VA 24503 I was introduced to The Randolph School through the partnership that Dutchess Community College connects classroom teachers who are interested in mentoring student teachers. Faculty and Staff. Support Randolph College. I love the use of the outdoor classroom at Randolph and am thankful to be able to work in a supportive environment as a lifelong learner. The Randolph School is a special place. I am an amateur baker and enjoy making family requests for birthdays. My name is Maria de la Peña and I am one of three in the Downstairs Team, teaching three, four and five year old children. Central Office Randolph Eastern School Corp 731 N. Plum Street Union City, IN 47390 Aaron Black, Superintendent Tel: 765-964-4994 Fax: 765-964-6590. Once this foundation is established, personal goal setting becomes a primary tool for guiding the course that my curriculum follows, as students are supported in exploring their interests while stretching their “zones of development”. We start with a deep respect for the capacity of each of our students to grow as learners, collaborators and as friends. I didn’t begin playing music until I was in my late teens and began playing professionally several years later. A sound that conjured the nineteenth century. Because we are an independent, college-preparatory school, much is required of our administrators, faculty and staff. As an independent school, Randolph charts its own course. When visiting my grandmother in New York City, I knew it was past midnight if the sounds of the carriage ride horses were clip-clopping back to their stables near Central Park. Since then, I have spent time teaching in Afterschool and as an assistant teacher between the 7,8,9 group and the 9,10,11 group for two years. Since I was in elementary school myself, I have always wanted to teach children. I began working as an assistant teacher for summer camps in 2014 and over time began subbing and working in the After School Program. I transitioned from there to creating and coordinating studio art programs for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students at the High Museum, the leading art museum in the southeast. For many years I taught and co-directed with my mentor, Olga Smyth, at a very small school in the country, High Valley. Faculty members lead sessions on a variety of topics like leadership, technology integration and dyslexia simulations to help their colleagues broaden their perspectives and skills. Carver Ms » Faculty and Staff 4500 W. Columbia Street, Orlando, FL 32811-4052 Phone 407-296-5110 | Fax 407-250-6238 | EEO Statement In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, gardening and cooking and I appreciate the opportunities to share my passions with my young friends. I imagine that few people get to stay at Randolph as long as I have, but "once a Randolph kid, always a Randolph kid." Knowing our students, families and community is the foundation for a loving and trusting experience. In order to establish this culture, cultivating trust and interpersonal connection are paramount. If you have any questions or would like to come and visit, please email me at renee@randolphschool.org. I am truly looking forward to my future here at The Randolph School and being a part of this amazing community. I went on to earn my bachelors degree where I graduated SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor's degree in birth through sixth grade. I became a Downstairs teacher in 2016 and am so happy to work with my colleagues on instilling a love of learning in our students! Through the practice of emergent curriculum, our work is not to motivate children to learn, but rather to listen and find what motivates them. I am committed to making the learning that occurs at Randolph visible to the broader community and finding ways to link our cohorts through a variety of experiences that foster the communal, project-based approach to learning that has always been central to the Randolph experience. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found my way to Randolph School; a place that truly honors childhood. Commitment to Each Child We believe that the child who loves to learn, lives to learn. Our teachers continuously work to enhance their skills through a summer grant writing program, professional development conferences and trainings. When I returned to the Hudson Valley to complete a Master of Arts in Teaching at Bard College, I eagerly accepted a part-time assistant position in the pre-Kindergarten and running afterschool and I never looked back. I enjoy being out in nature, reading, and visiting my adult children in Santa Barbara, CA. I am delighted to be a part of The Randolph School community. Whether lovely, harsh, strange, complex or quite simple, the musicality of our environment can inspire deep insights and inspiration. I speak Russian, studied Spanish for many years, and lived in Paris and Rome, picking up some French and Italian along the way. Helpful VUE information for parents and students. I’ve worn many hats during my time here: Substitute teacher, Downstairs Assistant, Afterschool Coordinator, Downstairs Teacher, and Upstairs Teacher. Along the way, we publish editions of a student-centered magazine that celebrates the unique culture of the group. We are thankful for the continual commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff members. Main Menu Toggle. I bring those histories and traditions with me to my classroom in hopes of building a more loving and tolerant society. I think I fit right in, because The first word I ever said was “WOW!” This word sums me up neatly, and could very well serve as the mission statement of the Randolph School. Naomi Randolph Assistant Principal, Fieldston Lower. I began working in the field under a fellowship at Fordham University, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education after graduating from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Shahriar Abbassi ~I~ Bradley W. Bateman ~I~ Sara Beck Andrew Beverly Carla Blankinship ~I~ Kristin M. Bliss Dave Blount ~I~ Jen Godley Brestel ~I~ Allison Brooks Lisa Lee Broughman Corey Brown Sandy Brown Emily Y. Chua Hannah Cohen Suzanne Stump Crage Maggie Croft Danielle Currier Kristin Dabney Gary Dop ~I~ Penelope Porter Doss Brenda Doucette Brenda The average salary for all faculties (equated to 9-month contract) is $75,081 and $50,596 for all non-instructional staffs. As a recent transplant to the Hudson Valley area, moving here with my husband in 2017, I am excited to have professionally landed here at the Randolph School. Creativity is one of the many endless aspects that delight me daily about working here at the Randolph School. In my free time, my family and I enjoy being outside as much as possible, jumping in bodies of water big and small, baking, riding bikes, and becoming playground connoisseurs. I am a graduate of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas and hold a Masters of Childhood and Special Education from Long Island University in Brooklyn. Greengate School at Randolph is a dyslexia resource for the community, offering testing, training for teachers and parents, tutoring, summer reading camps, dyslexia simulations, community education and advocacy. This way, I can support them in pushing their independence to the next level, so that they can move on confidently and successfully. After completing a biology degree at Williams College I worked as an outdoor educator from New York to California before taking a teaching position in Japan. Administration. I became part of the Randolph community as a student teacher from Dutchess Community College in 2011. For almost a decade now, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this magical community we call the Randolph School. Leadership Team. Office. The Randolph School community is fortunate that we endeavor together to make the world a better place with each Randolph child. Randolph is grateful for its administrators, faculty and staff, students, and families. Name Title Email Phone ; Tony Ballard: Middle School Principal ... Randolph-Macon Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. In my spare time I enjoy spending time in nature, fishing, camping, and having bonfires with friends and family. Most recently, I have taught for 5 years at Vassar College’s lab school, Wimpfheimer Nursery School and the Infant Toddler Center. Faculty Resources. We design our curriculum and develop a schedule that best serves our students. Here at Randolph, I am inspired by the careful curation of curricular experiences, facilitated by the most capable and compassionate teachers in the Hudson Valley, that stem from the interests of children. I am fortunate to help them ease into the transition to middle school and I am connected to both local public middle schools and progressive, independent schools. average years of classroom experience. This lead to my current role in the Downstairs program as a classroom teacher to Pre- K students ages 3, 4 & 5 years old. Faculty. new faculty and staff | Learn more about best practices in K-12 education from a local, Huntsville, AL expert independent school Randolph School is where K-12 students become lifelong thinkers, creative problem solvers and fearless leaders as they learn to embrace their full potential, prepare for a purposeful future and create epic possibilities for success. I observed children making choices that were connected to real- life experiences while given opportunities to inquire meaning by posing questions, ideas and problems they come across. My love for teaching has only grown since being apart of the Randolph community. It supports the emergent curriculum and allows children to explore ideas and material that is unfamiliar to them in a positive way. Faculty & Staff Directory. I love sharing my international-ness with the children and can teach them to count to 10 in at least six languages. My first experience at the Randolph School was during my time at Dutchess Community College from 2009-2011. To simply be a teacher of a child’s mind is not enough and will ultimately cheat the child of his or her fundamental childhood rights. So now I come to Randolph three days a week, focusing especially on reading and writing, and following my passionate attachment to reading aloud as listener and reader, a love that began for me with the rumble of my father's voice. Next table shows the average salary by occupation at Randolph … ABOUT ADMISSION ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ATHLETICS OUTCOMES. Another commitment I stand by is enhancing the parent experience here, to give our families the same window into their child’s living and learning here. In my current role I continue to hone the hands-on science and nature-based play curriculum for the entire school while also working to protect, enrich, and highlight the outdoor classroom and natural spaces that are an essential part of life and learning at Randolph. As an independent school, Randolph charts its own course. When this is adjusted to account for those with part-time status, the result is the "full-time equivalent" (FTE) count. My parents were teachers-- my mother taught four year olds at Poughkeepsie Day School in the days before Randolph, and my father was professor of child development at Vassar College-- and my sisters were teachers. Meet the teachers and staff at The Goddard School of Randolph. I am a native of South Texas, with a Mexican American and Native American ancestry who is very proud of my people and their long histories in the region. Danyel Derricott, AVR/PACE Attendance I am currently enrolled at SUNY Albany where I am working towards my Masters degree in Childhood Education and Literacy. Our nation’s educational pendulum has swung quite far from John Dewey’s original philosophy, that of children learning by doing, and being productive members of a democratic community. Volunteering at Maplefest, doing childcare during conferences, subbing for the various age groups and working the Afterschool program kept me in the loop. Whether you come to Randolph for a short stay or a long one, I wish you the same kind of pleasure I have had, with an institution that is like a family, a place of thrilling ideas and deep attachment to others. My approach involved not just "pull out" but a great deal of working with my students and their classmates in their own classrooms. Teachers here are not simply teachers, but they are friends, family members, and most importantly a co-learner that let’s discovery guide the instruction. Sharon Saunders (e-mail) Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator (434) 947-8704 Connie Everhart (e-mail) Human Resources Coordinator & Payroll Manager (434) 947-8114 Jennifer Price (e-mail) Human Resources Assistant (434) 947-8398 Mailing Address: Human Resources, Main Hall 2500 Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg, VA 24503 USA Fax: (434) 485-8070 Faculty and Staff . As a lifelong learner myself, I am committed to setting up our oldest students for success once they move beyond Randolph. This autonomy attracts top educators from around the country, creating an intellectually stimulating and diverse environment. My name is Amy and I am a teacher with 14 years of experience in a variety of progressive educational institutions. Randolph partners with several independent school search companies such as Carney Sandoe & Associates and Southern Teachers Agency to attract candidates from across the United States, and even internationally. It is my educational philosophy that to teach children, one has to care for every need of the child, not just hitting predetermined benchmarks. These services are open to the community and not limited to students enrolled at Greengate School at Randolph. Above all, I would like to say that there is nothing I would rather be doing, and no place I would rather be, than teaching at this little school tucked into the forest. Drake Campus K-8:1005 Drake Avenue SEHuntsville, AL 35802Garth Campus 9-12:4915 Garth Road SEHuntsville, AL 35802. Faculty & Staff To locate a staff member’s email address, please use the following page to access this information: HCPS Email Directory. Director of Operations. School Counseling. I’ve worked in hospitality for the majority of my working career and although I always enjoyed working in the industry, I never truly felt fulfilled. I could lose myself in the measured cadences of barn swallows fluttering when making their nests in the spring. We nurture academic and intellectual growth by presenting our students with challenging, engaging, and authentic activities, driven by our deep understanding of their interests and capabilities. My path to becoming a teacher was a nonlinear one, as my Bachelors degree from Fordham (Math and Economics) led me to banking; which led me to dissatisfaction. I worked in a variety of roles in Harlem public schools and found my way to a progressive approach through a desire to do it differently. I knew if the floor creaked in a certain way, and if a match was struck, the stove was being lit for the morning coffee. Then, in the early 1990s when I first began to teach at Randolph, I was sent by different school districts to work with particular students who needed extra support. Small Classes With a 9:1 student-faculty ratio and an average class size of 12, there's no escaping an engaging, participatory classroom experience. My hope is to convey this passion of mine to the students at The Randolph School.

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