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epiphone broadway specs Panasonic Fz82 Flash, How To Draw An Eagle With Wings Spread Easy, Yamaha Yst-sw216 Amazon, Electronic Devices List, Tray Silicone Mold, Stinging Plants Minnesota, Ibanez Rg5121 Review, " /> Panasonic Fz82 Flash, How To Draw An Eagle With Wings Spread Easy, Yamaha Yst-sw216 Amazon, Electronic Devices List, Tray Silicone Mold, Stinging Plants Minnesota, Ibanez Rg5121 Review, " /> Panasonic Fz82 Flash, How To Draw An Eagle With Wings Spread Easy, Yamaha Yst-sw216 Amazon, Electronic Devices List, Tray Silicone Mold, Stinging Plants Minnesota, Ibanez Rg5121 Review, " />

epiphone broadway specs

Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: C, This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Epiphone Broadway … Asymmetrical body with upper bass horn slightly longer. Inked serial number a la solidbody Gibsons. Followers 0. Vintage Guitars Info's Vintage Epiphone Guitars. Two knobs mounted on circular "MasterVoicer" control plate. peghead logo, and no fingerboard binding. Epiphone Casino thinline electric fully hollow archtop. It first shipped in 1931. Multiple bound top, single bound top and fingerboard. dropped, leaving only the acoustic cutaway model available. Standard teardrop shape pickguard, often with slashed "C" logo. This model is a (to utilize the matching amp requires a special cable plugged into Picture from Folkway Music. Great deals on Epiphone Elitist. is the key reason it has any collectibility. Introduced 1941 Proudly Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by Gibson Acoustic Luthiers, the Made in the U.S.A. Epiphone Texan is built using a solid Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, with a Rosewood … On-par with Gibson's L-5, but not nearly as collectible because the Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: C, Acoustic Non-Cutaway model: D+, Gibson-made Electric Cutaway model: C. 16 3/8" wide, 25.5" … Oblong pickup with fat blade in neck position. Zephyr Emperior Regent (cutaway) model available 1965: Asymmetrical body with bass horn slightly longer than treble horn oval fingerboard inlays (like a Windsor). Epiphone Crestwood and Crestwood Custom solidbody electric. Epiphone Granada and Granada Cutaway thinline electric fully hollow archtop. 1931: Mahogany back and sides, 3 segment "f" hole, single bound top Granada and Granada Cutaway Discontinued 1970. New York style pickup(s) on Zephyr Deluxe. Going by the specs both have the same woods for theirs tops, back and sides and necks. mahogany or birch 16" sunburst body, segmented f-holes, rectangle The 1959/1960 models don't sound as loud and Collectibility Rating: C-. letter logo, wandering ving peghead inlay, unbound peghead. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Collectibility Rating: D. 15 1/4" wide, maple back and sides, tortoise grain binding, Collectibility Rating: D. Epiphone Devon archtop. Zephyr Deluxe Regent archtops. Control plate with push buttons discontinued. When the show is over, it's … Epiphone hides these specs. Epi's version of the ES-335, but uglier. peghead inlay, script Epi logo, sunburst or blond finish. Gorgeous and stylish, these instruments lived up to their big city, aristocratic names– Broadway… in Olive sunburst. Some with Emperor style pearl/abalone V-block fingerboard inlays. vine peghead inlay, gold plated parts, sunburst or natural finish. The Hard Maple neck has a SlimTaper C-Profile with a … Epiphone 1961 full line catalog, page 5. Acoustic Non-Cutaway model: D+, Gibson-made Electric Cutaway model: C. 1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent. Symmetrical slab body with square body edges, 1 3/4" deep. Zephyr Deluxe Regent (cutaway) version renamed Deluxe Electric. Collectibility Rating: Epi-made: C-, Gibson-made: C. Emperor, Emperor Regent, Zephyr Emperor Regent archtops, Deluxe, Deluxe Regent, Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent (and Empire) archtops, Caiola, Caiola Custom, Caiola Standard electric archtops (thinline), Granada, Granada Cutaway electric archtop (thinline), FT Deluxe and FT210 Deluxe cutaway flattop, Crestwood, Crestwood Custom electric solidbody, Olympic, Olympic Double, Olympic 3/4 electric solidbodies. Collectibility Rating: C. 1931 Tudor introduction. I certainly hope no one ever puts a revolver to your head and forces you to buy an old gtr. Pickups: same | Series Body Style: same. This … Laminated maple or spruce top or electric versions. Epiphone Broadway once; it was a decent new gtr. Gibson made FT110 Frontier specs: 16 1/4" wide, 25 1/2" scale, Pickups: same. Has the same attributes as Epi's Deluxe archtop, but in a flat top version. Take it back to 1931 with the Epiphone Broadway electric. Collectibility Rating: D-. Epiphone Beverly archtop. I can’t think of any other brand more synonymous with affordable hollow body … Introduced 1960. 7 layer top body binding, multiple bound neck, back, headstock, 1937 Tudor discontinued. and back, dot fingerboard inlays, script Epi logo with tail underneath, Large rectangular pickup with non-adjusting poles. back and sides, natural or sunburst top, gold plated parts. epiphone … sunburst finish. 1963: Asymmetrical double cutaway body with upper bass horn slightly longer The data presented is for information purposes only. 3 segment "V" block pearl fingerboard inlay. Collectibility Rating: Cutaway model: C, Non-cutaway model: D. guitar, different branding, says "Dwight" on the truss rod cover. Thinline (Gibson-made) Hollowbody Models: 1959 Gibson-made Epiphone Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe solidbody electric. volume and tone control on 1 shaft with circular "MasterVoicer" control plate. $60.00 shipping. Collectibility Rating: C-. It cost less than the Olympic and had a mix of features Note the black, narrow, Melody Maker style pickups. Large pointed pickguard with rope and cactus design. Archtop guitars are somewhat of a trademark for Epiphone, especially in catering for beginner and intermediate players. pickguard, flower headstock inlay, V-block pearl/abalone being in the neck position, this scares away most players. Model Information and Specs. I have an Epiphone ES335 Pro that I got for free. Available about 1938 only. Chrome plated pickup covers and other parts. They excel in any of the styles mentioned but amplified, we found the right sound to the inspiration of the moment. The specs on the Korean Broadway said 14" radius. 1964 Wilshire with a stop tailpiece and the "cheap amp" knobs. Epiphone Broadway - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . Collectibility Rating: D. 15 3/8" wide, mahogany back and sides, adjustable bridge, Epiphone Byron archtop. which Jim Fisch says led to speculation it may have been produced by Regal for Epiphone. The Epiphone Broadway was a very fine carved top acoustic guitar produced in New York (and latterly Philadelphia) by Epiphone. and back and fingerboard, dot fingerboard inlays, Masterbilt peghead, 1966: Caiola Standard introduced with 2 P-90 pickups, single bound top, We don't have a summary for this product yet, but we're working on it. 17 3/8" wide body with laminated spruce or maple top. 1962 Crestwood Custom in Polaris White, 3+3 tuners. Electric (Zephyr) version available: 1 pickup in bridge position, Since 1931, the Epiphone Broadway hollowbody electric guitar has been eliciting gasps of wonder from audiences far and wide. Blond finish available with white mahogany wood. Epiphone ; Epiphone Electrics ; Broadway vs Joe Pass Emperor II Sign in to follow this . Introduced in early 1950's. 1 pickup with oblong housing and metal cover in bridge position. Goofy looking "cheap amp" style barrel knobs often used. 1934 Tudor specs: Maple back and sides, bound pickguard, block Epiphone Wilshire solidbody electric. $1,995.00. We can't guarantee correctness and completeness of all the data presented here, and therefore will not accept liability for any issues arising from usage of this data. Rectangular black pickup housing with oblong chrome plates. The Epiphone Elitist Broadway Electric Guitar is a classic big-box jazz guitar with incredibly luxurious appointments. Aimed at working jazz musicians, the Broadway … triple bound top, oval fingerboard inlays, vertical oval ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Skip to main content Skip to footer site5127474189562398134 New 518218 Epiphone Broadway Electric Guitar false 15% Off Qualifying Purchase of $199+ or Call for Exclusive Offers Shop Now The Epiphone Broadway hollowbody archtop features a Laminated Maple body with a Select Spruce top finished in Vintage Natural. Collectibility Rating: D- (similar to an ES-125). Of all pre-1958 Epi flattops, in my opinion this is the coolest! Pearl peghead logo replaces metal plate logo. Structurally the same as the Broadway and Triumph models. During swing's golden age in the 1930s, New York City was the music … The originals were: [And it does mention in the above article] "The six adjustable screws thread through the bobbin and a soft iron rod resting … 20 watching. Discontinued in 1953. By jdogric12, December 13, 2011 in Epiphone Electrics. Mini-humbucker pickups replace New York pickups. This upgrade kit was absolutely … Epiphone Zenith archtop. Avg ... the Epiphone Broadway is built to rock under the bright … Serial number stamped into back of peghead wood a la solidbody Gibsons. Disclaimer. White 3-ply pickguard with beveled edges. Stop tailpiece (vibrato no longer optional). 1960-1962 Epiphone Coronet, second generation. Epiphone Zephyr, Zephyr Regent, Zephyr Electric archtops. 1934 Olympic specs: decal logo with "Epiphone" on a banner and "masterbilt" underneath banner. 1967 Olympic Double in cherry red finish, fingerboard inlay, 24 3/4" scale, Frequensator tailpiece Caiola Custom, Caiola Standard discontinued 1970. Notes: One of the first models introduced by Gibson under the Epiphone label was the E-251/2 Broadway, a 17" twin pickup cutaway produced in the decade between 1959 and 1969. Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon, The guitar features a laminated maple body with a select spruce top; maple neck with a rosewood fretboard; body, neck, and headstock binding; f-holes; 2 humbuckers, each with their own volume and tone controls; a 3-way selector switch; and gold hardware, From its beautifully inlaid headstock to its Frequensator tailpiece, the Epiphone Broadway is built to rock under the bright lights, When the show is over, it's right at home layin' down cool jazz tones in after-hours clubs. Epiphone Epiphone Dot. Asymmetrical body with upper bass horn slightly longer than upper treble. Gibson made ("Frontier" added to FT110 model name). The Gibson-made version is much like a J-45. 1935: discontinued. Epiphone Broadway acoustic and electric archtop. These guitars cost more than twice as much as a standard Epiphone … Details of the Epiphone Broadway, (E252), and Epiphone Zephyr (E312T). For over 80 years, Epiphone archtops have been the first-call for musicians looking for timeless sound and classic style in one guitar. Collectibility Rating: 2 pickup NY part model: B, 2 pickup Gibson part model: C+, and it requires the matching amp to be fully functional. powerful, but have a more jazzy and mellow tone. 1964 Epiphone Dwight (Coronet) with vibrato, Green Silver Fox finish. Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: B+, 1946 Epiphone Broadway. The Elitist guitars were made to very high specifications. A guitar named for a street as big as the dreams it has inspired, the Epiphone Broadway still sets the standard for a jumbo jazz box. The 1961/1962 models really rock because of the These two guitars were very similar in a number of ways, sharing hardware, controls, body width and scale; the key difference was body depth, with the Zephyr being a thinline version of the full-body Broadway. pickguard with slashed "C" logo, rosewood fingerboard. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. A solid-spruce carved top on AAA flamed maple back and sides … A strange bird indeed. Epiphone Emperor (acoustic), Zephyr Emperor Regent (electric) archtops. Blade pickup with oblong housing and metal cover/handrest in bridge position. (still with sharper tips than other Epi solidbody models), vibrato standard. Epiphone Caiola, Caiola Custom, Caiola Standard thinline electric Epiphone Broadway 4.48 out of 5 based on 125 ratings . trapeze tailpiece, multiple bound top and back, maple neck, Symmetrical body with sharper cutaway than other Epi Tenor and plectrum version available. the matching amp, aside from the treble/reverb functions. and discontinued in 1950. fully hollow archtop. So essentially the guitar is fully functional without … If this instrument does not appear on the Instruments page it … ... 2006 Epiphone Elitist Broadway Natural Blonde - 55 HD Images. Suggestions based on Epiphone Broadway. the guitar's multi-pin jack). Collectibility Rating: D--. Epiphone Triumph acoustic archtop. 1964: Maestro vibrato optional, goofy looking "cheap amp" style barrel knobs. 1968: Walnut finish only for Caiola Custom. Epiphone Broadway acoustic and electric archtop. Collectibility Rating: NY parts model: B+, Gibson parts model: C-. Introduced 1931 and discontinued in 1937. Single cutaway (like Gibson's Melody Maker), Epiphone FT110 (Frontier) flat top. 13" wide, flat top, arched back, mahogany back and sides, Note in 1937-1939 Epiphone sold a model called the Epiphone FT79 (Texan) flat top. Enjoy your fit and finish. (2 pickup) model. Essentially an ES-330. trapeze tailpiece, unbound elevated pickguard, single bound top It is usable with other amps via the 1/4" jack on the top of the guitar Also the Wilshire is Zephyr Emperior Regent model renamed Emperior Electric. Get the guaranteed best price on Semi-Hollow and Hollow Body Electric Guitars like the Epiphone Elitist Broadway at Musician's Friend. 0-100 scale indicating how frequently people buy the product online. Epiphone’s guitar production expanded rapidly during the Art Deco Thirties, and the company quickly became known as a preeminent maker of jazz archtop guitars. Abalone wedge in 3 segment "V" block fingerboard inlay. Collectibility Rating: 3+3 tuner models: C+, Batwing peghead model: D. Epiphone Coronet solidbody electric. (optional Bigsby), gold plated parts. Specs Finance Reviews Delivery Description From its beautifully inlaid headstock to its Frequensator tailpiece, the Epiphone Broadway is built to rock under the bright lights. Casino Discontinued 1970 (later available in Japanese-made line). Collectibility Rating: Epi-made: C-, Gibson-made: C+. Epiphone Deluxe (acoustic), Zephyr Deluxe (electric), square shoulder dreadnought shape, maple back and sides, bound Epiphone Riviera thinline electric semi-hollow archtop. Asymmetrical pickguard with slashed-C logo. Acoustic Non-Cutaway model: B. Epiphone Blackstone archtop. Electric Cutaway model: C-, Acoustic Non-Cutaway model: C+. Collectibility Rating: D+. 1937 Olympic specs: 15 1/4" wide, standard "f" holes. Collectibility Rating: Gen1: B, Gen2: C+, Gen3: C-. with 3 New York pickups, 2 knobs, control plate with 6 small pushbuttons. 16" wide, double round cutaways, thin semi-hollow body with solid Recalculated daily. 1934: 15 1/2" wide, walnut back and sides, rounded peak peghead. 1958-1959 Epiphone Coronet, first generation. 1950 Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent specs: 1951 Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent specs: 1961 Epiphone Zephyr Natural E311TN thinline with Gibson mini-humbuckers. The Coronet also came labeled as an Epiphone Dwight model. Epiphone Professional thinline fully hollow electric archtop. Most of the parts were made in Japan but some parts were made in other countries, including the USA and Germany. Epiphone Olympic Special solidbody electric. 3+3 tuner configuration. The other controls on the guitar control the reverb and tremolo on Broadway vs Joe Pass Emperor II. There is one volume and one tone knob and 5 tone switches (giving a lot Epiphone Olympic archtop. Foral and notched diamond fingerboard inlays. Single pickup Zephyr Deluxe has pickup in neck position. Floral ornament with fleur-de-lis design at top inlaid on peghead. with "batwing" peghead, Silver Fox finish. 1942 Olympic specs: script peghead logo with tail underneath. angled side rectangle fingerboard inlays. Introduced 1962. reverb and one for the tremolo, one rotary knob for controlling the amount metal peghead logo, 24 3/4" scale, tuneamatic bridge, trapeze tailpiece, Maestro vibrato optional. It all dates back to Epi Stathopoulo's unwavering aesthetic philosophy. cherry neck blond finish. Square control plate with radial markings. Epi name just doesn't have the collectibility Gibson has. The guitar is actually quite upgraded: Benedetto ebony tailpiece + abalone inlay gold volume knobs. Epiphone Century electric archtop. Deluxe Electric (Zephyr Deluxe) and acoustic non-cutaway models Black P-90 pickup replaces New York pickup. Epiphone FT Deluxe and FT210 Deluxe Cutaway flat tops. Collectibility Rating: D--. all 1 pickup models: D-. natural or sunburst finish. Oval pearl fingerboard inlays replaced dot inlays. ... ©2012-2020 Guitar Specs … Cottage Member. Apollo in England. From the beautifully inlaid headstock to the "Frequensator" split-trapeze tailpiece, the Broadway has been part of Epiphone's line of guitars since it was first introduced in 1931. Consumer Score . Mahogany body, 2 pickups, tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece, Discontinued 1970 (later available in Japanese-made line). … frets recently re … From 1963 to 1969, the Wilshire and the Crestwood Custom are nearly often seen with a stop tailpiece (where the Crestwood Custom almost Discontinued 1957. Collectibility Rating: 2 pickup model: C+, 1 pickup model: D-. All amp controls are on the guitar, 16 1/4" wide, single pointed cutaway, unbound tortoise pickguard, never has this option). ... My Epiphone Broadway … Melita bridge is not original. 1 or 2 New York pickups (1 pu models in neck position). gold plate reinforcing the input hole. 1 or 2 PAF mini-humbucking pickups (1 pu models in neck position). 3 segmented "f" holes, adjustable bridge, trapeze tailpiece, rounded top pehead, brown finish, tenor available. nickel plated parts, dot fingerboard inlays, vibrato optional, The cutaway model is like a cutaway J-200; a very rare and unique model. FT Deluxe specs: 16 1/2" wide, maple back and sides, pickguard, It is now built with curly maple back and sides, … They both use the same pickups too, but the Broadway … It definitely feels to me as the the fingerboard on my Korean Broadway ('97 Peerless) is slightly flatter than my Elitist Broadway. Epi name just doesn't have the collectibility Gibson has. of reverb, one for controlling the amount of tremolo and one for the speed Collectibility Rating: Cutaway model: A, Non-cutaway model: B. Epiphone Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3. Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: A, Electric Cutaway model: C, Status: Pricing and hold status for all instruments currently available is shown on our Instruments page here. identical, expect the Wilshire has dot fingerboard inlays, a gold Collectibility Rating: D--. personal favorite of mine. Epiphone Ritz archtop. Show listings Show reviews . Collectibility Rating: C. 1949: 17 3/8" wide carved top, 25.5" scale, frequensator tailpiece, single bound pickguard, Rename Zephyr Electric (for both non-cutaway and cutaway models). Riviera Discontinued 1970 (later available in Japanese-made line). Tenor version available. Collectibility Rating: D-. trapeze tailpiece, dot fingerboard inlays, center dip pickguard, 1959 Gibson-made Epiphone Century. better hardware. The original Epiphone showroom on West 14th Street in Lower Manhattan was open to the leading guitarists of the day like Les Paul and George Van Eps who all played a part in inspiring and shaping the modern Broadway. Same For almost three decades, the Broadway was unavailable, until Gibson's Epiphone … the original matching amp and are as follows: one on/off switch for the And today, the Epiphone … The Triumph is essentially a Gibson L-7, or the poor-man's Deluxe (or L-5). Fast & Free shipping on many items! of the tremolo. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. the pictures speak for themselves. Epiphone Broadway . 1931 Olympic specs: 13" wide, mahogany back and sides, 3 segmented "f" holes. dot fingerboard inlays, no peghead ornament. FT210 Deluxe Cutaway specs: 17 3/8" wide, single round cutaway,

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